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starsinrafters's Journal

Rinnia's Fanfic Archive
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An archive of fanfiction by Alex Smith, also known as Rinnia.
This community is no longer being updated. Instead, please check out Rinoa@AO3!

This is the fic journal of rinnia, otherwise known as Alex Smith. Everything G and PG should be visible to everyone, while PG-13 requires you to be 14 and R requires 18. NC-17 fics are members-locked - registration is moderated, but only to make sure you're not my aunt or something. Please, do not join unless you are old enough to legally view explicit adult content! This journal contains pairings both het and slash, as well as some kinks that might squick the average joe. Please check the notes before you read any given fic. Now that that's out of the way, welcome, and I hope you enjoy my fic!

Comments are always welcome, even on old pieces. I may not respond to them, but know that I do read and appreciate them all! :D

Unless explicitly otherwise specified, none of the franchises or characters written about here belong to me. I claim ownership only over the prose.